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Company profile

BDHOST SOFT is the leading Website Design, Hosting and Domain Registration Company in Bangladesh . We host and maintain our servers in the USA, Canada in multiple award winning data centers with top-of-the-line hardware and connectivity, which means we are a direct Web Hosting provider in Bangladesh . Most Web Hosting companies in Bangladesh are resellers of some other company. The fact that BDHOST SOFT is a direct provider means...

• We can closely control and improve the quality of our services without depending on another company.
• You get the best possible prices, there is no middleman taking a share of the price.
• Your Website with Domain name is activated instantly, as we have complete control over the process.

Besides being a direct provider of High Quality Web Hosting & Domain Registration services, we also pioneered Automated Reseller Solutions in Bangladesh. Our reseller system is fully re-brand able and gives total control to our partners. We also provide free training and demonstration to get a reseller started with the business. Our resellers focus on sales and customers while we provide a solid infrastructure for them.

Over the past 6 years, we have served 3 hundreds (+) of clients in Bangladesh with services from Domain name Registration to Complete Website solution including Website Design, Development and Deployment of Professional Business Websites.

BDHOST SOFT operates with highly skilled Technology Experts in Bangladesh . Please contact us if you have any questions.